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The Cylon Blonde Book of Life

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Feb. 19th, 2006 @ 09:14 pm
I'm still alive...A bit angry, but alive. A lot has changed in the last month as many of you know. We have now moved into seperate bedrooms, don't have a lot to say either. Tonight I have the feeling that I am becoming less and less concerned as to whether or not he even comes home. Not I mean for anything bad to happen to him, as I certainly don't want anything bad to happen to him, but I just don't care if he is here or there. Does that make any sense???

I have a few dark horses in the running. Went out last night to a club in Cocoa Beach with my friend Liza and her man, and I was asked to dance twice by two pretty hot guys. But the cranberry vodkas kind of kept me
from moving much. The flattery did wonders for my ego...shows he's not the only one who can go out and get some play! Still weary though, but fuck it, he's fuckin' it, probably fuckin "IT" right now...

Alas, who cares. I'm starting beginning not to care, and it feels good to not be so concerned anymore.
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Jan. 25th, 2006 @ 12:22 am
Current Mood: angryangry

Questions for Supreme Court Judge Screening:) Jan. 15th, 2006 @ 09:14 pm
This is fabulous and just plain old hilarious.:) Those with quick wit will appreciate it too!

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Jan. 10th, 2006 @ 11:55 am
Its been seven days as of yesterday, and someone has already had a date, in my house, exactly one week after breaking up with me. He called to find out when I was coming home from work and to let me know he was having "company". I was supposed to work til midnight, but we finished the last of the inventory @ 6:30pm. I went to my new friend Liza's house when he called, she is a really nice girl who works at the Estee Lauder counter. I talked to him last night, he says he needs to figure out if he wants to be with me or someone else.
Current Mood: irateirate

Sweet Non-Surrender of Self Jan. 6th, 2006 @ 11:31 pm
Ok, so I've officially gotten "Me" back in my life. The hair is black again as of tonight, and the eyebrows I was asked to grow- shaved!!! I hope that the management at work doesn't freak too bad at the transformation. However, I did mention to my manager that I was thinking of dying my hair black and she didn't think it too weird of an idea. As for the eyebrows, well I'll see how they all react to the drawn on's, I think they look more refined and...to use the word I HATE more "kempt". Besides I don't have naturally effective eyebrows, so whats wrong with a little La Gran Kohl help. I should like to find a brown color, not a dark one, to do my brows with. If the management gets too pissy, I'll grow the back again.

I am starting to feel angry, only because I'm sad, at Mike. I don't want it to be like that. I'm just all curious now as to what he's doing and shit. I'm just terrified that I'll be replaced very quickly, and he will move on and into some else more quickly than I would want him to. I wonder, is this living together going to be too much for me? Regardless, I have got to stick it out and remain positive of the fact that he is my friend.

I'm staring to to feel a pang to go out again, like to the club and shit. I feel the urge to get my big girl boots on and breakin' it on down on the dance floor. I'm sick of being a home body (Mike isn't one who is on socializing). My head is saying to me the same thing that the song I'm listening to now is saying- "WE WANT REVOLUTION"!
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I'm so glad this week in ending. I had such high hopes that this year would be a great for my relationship, but as it turns out, that endded on Monday. I'm now single and its feels so unreal. My love doesn't have the stomach to carry on with me, and for reasons I understand, but will not go into here, I can only say that I understand why. The love isn't a problem, its just lack of commitment on my part, not to the relationship mind you, but to what my dear wants me to do. I could only agree that he needs to find another woman who can proivde what he needs. I got a phone call from my lovely stepmother yesterday in which she told me my father had her transport himto a hospital Gainsville so he could enroll himself in a detox program. Apparently my father has been best good friends with bottle for about four months now. My father and my mother are disabled, and drawing about $2,200 a month from social security. Around $538.00 this month of my fathers check will go ta pay his $200 tab at the bar, and the rest to the little general store where he charged copious amounts of beer and cigarettes monthly. I've heard the "I'm drying up for good" song, and seen the detox dance from my father so many times. While I am proud of him for making a good choise, I can't say that I'm very optimistic in that I beleive he will ever stop drinking. My stepmother said that the facility doctor expects that my father will be in his custody for about a month, perhaps a bit longer. I say good, keeps him out of the bar, of the road, and keeps him and sober drives he encounters on the road of the slab.
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Happy Birthday Ladies!!:)

I had cake and icecream!!:)
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A friend at work told me about this http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5066175, you have got to listen to it!!:)
» (No Subject)
This Christmas sucks dick!!! I listed boots on Ebay and only one person bought soemthiing while everyone else asked me stupid questions...All the money I hoped to have made for rent and X-mas gifts was not made. I have one gift to give my fiance, a packet of Cadbury mini eggs that I bought on Ebay.

BUT, I am thrilled to hear my neighbors fighting tonight!! My neighbors are an old couple named Nancy and Dwayne. Nancy had Dwayne put in jail a few months ago for "pulling a knife on her". At first I thought this was possible, she came over a few days after his arrest and cried for us about it saying she couldn't live him and his drinking anymore. Mike took her to the Hospital one day...he started driving her to one in Daytona, then she started bitching to him that he had to turn around and take her to Ormond Beach...They pull up at the main entrance to the Hospital and she starts cursing at him about not taking her to the emergency room entrance. Can't you walk into a Hospitals main entrance and get medical assistance just as you can if you went into the emergency room entrance? He vowed never to do the ungrateful old dog dick sucker another favor again. She came over the week before last and knocked on the door at 3:30pm. Not just knock knock knock, but knock knock knock knock knock knock knock for about 5 minutes. Mike came to the door still sleeping and she put her house keys in his hands and said he needed to feed her cats cuz she had to go to the Hospital. Remebering what happened last time he tried to help the old cunt, he wrote a note and left the keys at the maitainance mans house. When I went to my car the nest morning I found a note saying " If Mike won't help me when I need help STOP PARKING IN MY DRIVE WAY TODAY AND NEVER PARK THERE AGAIN!!" Fine...

The twat kept telling us how she was going to "USE" her powers as a retired deputy to tell the judge to keep her husband in jail and for us not to bail him out (like we would anyway!!)no matter who came to our house with "messages" from him. Then she would talk about how she wouldn't let him back into the "God Damn house" when he got out.
After the note and all the shit talk I figured out that a knife was neevr pulled on her, this is just a bored old rotten tampon who hates herself and everyone around her who has a life. She put her husband in jail on false charges to teach him lesson, I hope her teaches her a lesson. SO few nights ago I was out on my porch smoking and they came scuffing up the street to her house and I heard her saying to Dwayne "thank god you're home for Christmas". I wanted to say " Dwayne, why don't you ask your rotten crotched wife what she really thinks, about how she wanted to leave you in jail and what a fuck you are. Ask her about divorce she wants to get, ask her about all the names she called you." Well, all I have to say to Mrs Nancy Watson is Happy Chritsmas you twisted christ loving, sadist cunt...oh and fuck you and your little cats too!

I just felt like writing this all out, since I can't punch the old bitch in the face.
» Just cuz they are sooooooo CUTE!!
My Babies...
This is Sony cat.:)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And this little one is Argyle- my skinny little girl.:)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This Evy cat providing me with adult supervision.:)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is Sable my little Siamese slug.:)
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